Unleashing Creativity: Why Renowned Electronic Artists Entrust the Mixing Process to Experts

Nov 2, 2023

In the realm of electronic music, the journey from a rough idea to a polished track involves numerous steps. Among these, mixing is a critical phase that ensures each element sits well in the track, creating a well-balanced, harmonious sound. However, not all artists revel in the minutiae of this technical process. In fact, two notable figures in the electronic music industry, Jon Hopkins and Skream, have openly shared how delegating the mixing process has significantly bolstered their creative output.

In an interview, Jon Hopkins mentioned, “I don’t really get a huge amount of pleasure in spending hours making a bass fit perfectly or twiddling little Notch filters to get everything right. So, it was amazing to be able to trust someone else with that stuff so I could have more energy to actually create."

Similarly, the dubstep maestro, Skream, recently took to Twitter to express a parallel sentiment. He tweeted, “The minute I stopped mixing my stuff I became my most creative,” sparking a lively discussion among his followers on the importance of mixing in electronic music production.

Skream further emphasised the distinction between outsourcing the mixing process and ghost-producing, stating, “There’s a huge difference between having someone mix your track and someone ghost-produce it, people need to understand. Nobody changes my art though. The mix engineer just enhances the art that’s provided to them by a producer or musician.”

These anecdotes underscore a prevailing narrative in the music industry—mixing, while crucial, can be a separate skill, and artists should have the latitude to focus on where their strengths lie. This is precisely where RoEx steps in to bridge the gap with its innovative solutions: Automix and Mix Check Studio.

Our flagship product, Automix, is designed to alleviate the technical burdens of mixing, empowering artists, producers, and content creators to channel their energies into the creative essence of music production. With a robust AI-powered engine, Automix takes on the intricate task of mixing, allowing you to concentrate on what you love most—crafting unique, captivating sounds.

On the other hand, for those keen on a more hands-on approach yet desiring actionable insights to enhance their mix, Mix Check Studio is the go-to platform. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your mix or master and furnishes actionable feedback, aiding in achieving that pristine sound quality, whilst also serving as an educational tool to better understand the intricacies of mixing.

At RoEx, we celebrate the diverse pathways to music production and seek to offer tailored solutions that uphold the creative spirit while ensuring a polished, professional sound. By entrusting the technical aspects of mixing to Automix or gleaning insights from Mix Check Studio, artists are well-positioned to explore the boundless expanse of their creative horizons.