Collaboration X Innovation: RoEx's new R&D Project, ProStyle - Supported by a £250,000 Grant from Innovate UK

May 2, 2024

We’re excited to announce the next steps towards our pioneering R&D work in intelligent music mixing technology, supported by our second substantial grant from Innovate UK

We've been awarded a transformative £250,000 grant as part of Innovate UK’s Creative Catalyst: AI in the Music Industry competition. We'll be using these funds to power a year-long research and development project around RoEx’s new model, ProStyle. This project will be a continuation of our work with Queen Mary University of London, known for its innovative research in audio engineering, audio signal processing, and machine learning.

ProStyle is an ambitious project exploring collaborative machine learning techniques to enhance the creative mixing process, through a first-of-its-kind tool. There are two sides of ProStyle: our project marries human creativity with advanced AI to further the availability of creative audio tools for musicians and producers, while remunerating the engineers who provide their expertise.

A Direct Collaboration with Mixing Engineers

ProStyle is envisioned as a collaborative platform, allowing mix engineers to partner with RoEx to train a machine learning model that captures their individual creative mixing style. ProStyle will allow mixing professionals to scale up the volume of creators that benefit from their expertise, using ProStyle to monetise their sonic identity and open up a new revenue stream.

We want to keep the human touch integral to the creative process, while making music production more accessible. We’re working on the project with 73 times Platinum-certified and Grammy-winning engineer Rich Keller, to ensure that ProStyle isn't just technologically advanced—it's crafted with the wisdom and input of industry veterans. 

Rich Keller said about his involvement in the project: “I’ve worked long and hard at my craft, and I’m happy to share it with anyone interested in intersecting their music with my experience and taste. There is nothing artificial about AI, at least not yet. So far it's merely human intelligence outsourced to processors that are millions of times faster. So, when Dave explained the idea of ProStyle at Flux Studios in NYC last Fall, I jumped at the opportunity to upload everything I know about music into an AI model and share it with the world and our future, working towards ProStyle as a series of reflections of a real person, and a conduit for their craft.”

ProStyle for Musicians, Producers and Creators

Imagine being able to mix your tracks with the expertise of some of the best engineers in the business. ProStyle aims to make this a reality by offering a time-efficient and affordable solution for high quality mixing, effortlessly elevating your tracks to professional standards.

The Future of Music Mixing with RoEx

Our original proprietary model, which powers both Automix and Mix Check Studio, was trained by the RoEx team to understand what a balanced and polished mix sounds like, instead of being trained on copyrighted material. ProStyle is a natural continuation, providing quick, affordable and ethical ways to achieve high-quality mixes.

Our journey with Innovate UK has been instrumental in reaching this milestone. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and reshape the landscape of music production, making audio mixing tools more accessible and boundless than ever before.