Navigating Uncharted Sounds: RoEx's 2023 Journey and the Road Ahead to 2024

Dec 5, 2023

As I sit at my desk, gazing out at one of Southeast London’s parks that has so often inspired my creativity and innovation, I am filled with a sense of pride and gratitude for RoEx's achievements in 2023. This year was more than just about launching products; it was a journey of realising visions and creating tangible impacts in the world of music technology.

April 2023 marked a milestone with the launch of Mix Check Studio. More than just a product, this tool is a testament to our commitment to innovation and user empowerment. The overwhelming response, including a net promoter score of 84 and over 160,000 tracks diagnosed, underscores our success. Mix Check Studio’s recognition by Music Radar as one of the most innovative products of 2023 was a proud moment. For those who haven't tried it, Mix Check Studio elevates mixes to professional standards, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Experience it here:

In September, we introduced Automix to the world. As CEO, and more importantly, as a passionate advocate for music technology, seeing Automix mix over 40,000 tracks (the equivalent of 4,000 albums or 8,000 EPs) was a pivotal moment. This achievement, reflected in a net promoter score of 75, shows that we're not just participating in the industry; we're actively shaping its future. Automix, originating as a PhD project, has become a pivotal tool for artists worldwide, enabling the release of professional-quality audio. The diverse range of genres and styles in our Spotify playlist, featuring tracks from our customers, showcases Automix’s versatility. Listen here:

I am immensely proud of the team we've built at RoEx. From a one-person operation last year to a diverse group of 10 talented employees and advisors, we've achieved remarkable growth. Together, we've not only enhanced our AI algorithms and expanded our user interface but also deepened our understanding of the industry's needs and expectations. This growth embodies our collective efforts in research, development, and forging meaningful relationships within the music and technology sectors. Each member of our team, whether in research, development, or business relations, has played a vital role in building these connections. These partnerships and collaborations are more than professional achievements; they symbolise the synergy of technology, creativity, and human connection that drives RoEx forward.

2023 marked a significant milestone for RoEx, as we made our foray into Hollywood. Our technology took centre stage, being used not only for mixing and mastering in film post-production but also for dialogue clean-up, a crucial aspect of movie sound design. This expansion into diverse audio applications within the film industry underlines the versatility and robustness of our offerings. Our technology's adaptability to different sound environments, from music tracks to cinematic audio, is a testament to the ingenuity and innovation at the heart of RoEx. We are excited about the future in this new arena and look forward to deepening our impact on the cinematic experience. Keep an eye out for an exciting partnership announcement next year, poised to significantly elevate our engagement in the film industry and open up more avenues for creative and technical collaboration.

Looking to 2024, we are buzzing with anticipation for our upcoming technologies. Imagine being able to model your mixes on favourite songs or albums – like showing a barber the haircut you want. We're also upgrading Mix Check Studio, transforming it from a feedback tool into one that actively polishes and enhances mixes. Our collaboration with Rich Keller, a 47 x platinum and 7 x Grammy-nominated mix engineer, on Spatial Mixing is about to bring an unprecedented dimension to Automix. Plus, a new feature funded by Innovate UK is in the works, enabling Automix to mix live-recorded sound, thereby opening up new markets for us. This feature is perfect for cleaning up live recordings or enhancing poorly recorded tracks.

As the CEO of RoEx, my dedication to revolutionising music creation is unwavering. The future looks bright, and I am profoundly grateful to our community for their steadfast support. Here's to 2024 brimming with innovation, growth, and music! Join us on this journey – follow our updates, try our products, and be a part of the music technology revolution.