Mastering Your Sound: Introducing Standalone Mastering in Automix

Dec 3, 2023


In the ever-evolving world of music production, the art of mastering remains a crucial final step in bringing a track to life. Mastering is the bridge between a good mix and a professional-sounding final product. With Automix's new standalone mastering feature, this crucial step is now more accessible than ever.

What is Mastering?

At its core, mastering is the process of preparing and transferring the final mix of a song to a data storage device (the master). This is the source from which all copies will be produced. Unlike mixing, which focuses on individual elements of a track, mastering is about enhancing the overall sound, ensuring consistency and quality across all playback systems.

A Brief History of Mastering

The history of mastering is as rich as it is technical. From the lacquer-coated aluminium discs of the early 20th century to the digital mastering of today, mastering has continually adapted to technological advancements. The digital age has democratised this once-exclusive process, making high-quality mastering more accessible to artists and producers.

Mastering's Role in Music Production

Mastering is often the last step in the music production process, following recording and mixing. It's the final polish, ensuring that your track sounds balanced and cohesive. In today's streaming-dominated market, mastering plays a vital role in making sure your music competes in terms of loudness and clarity.

The Importance of Mastering

Mastering can transform a good mix into a great final track. It enhances the overall sound without altering the mix's fundamental characteristics. Mastering ensures your track sounds its best on all playback devices - from earbuds to club sound systems.

The Limitations of Mastering

While mastering can elevate a track, it's not a miracle worker. A common misconception is that mastering can fix a bad mix. This isn't the case. The mix is the foundation - if it's shaky, mastering cannot save it. This underscores the importance of getting your mix right, which is where Automix excels.

Introducing Automix for Mastering: Simplicity and Speed

One of the most exciting aspects of Automix's new mastering feature is its simplicity and efficiency. Mastering, traditionally a complex and time-consuming process, is now incredibly straightforward with Automix. Here’s how easy it is:

  • Genre Selection: You start by selecting the genre of your track. This allows Automix to tailor the mastering process to the specific sonic characteristics and norms of your genre, ensuring a more precise and genre-appropriate sound.

  • Loudness Customisation: Tell us your desired loudness level. Whether you’re aiming for a loud, radio-ready sound or a more dynamic range for streaming platforms, Automix adjusts the final master accordingly, giving you control over the intensity of your track.

  • Rapid Processing: Perhaps the most impressive feature is the speed. Automix can master a 3-minute track in about 1 minute. This rapid turnaround is a game-changer, especially for artists and producers working under tight deadlines or those who want to quickly test out different mastering settings on their tracks.

With these features, Automix democratises the mastering process, making it accessible to artists and producers regardless of their technical expertise or resources. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner, Automix’s intuitive interface and AI-powered technology ensure that your tracks receive a professional-grade mastering touch with minimal effort and time. Check out our tutorial video on how it works:

Automix and Mixing: The Foundation for Great Mastering

A great mix is the first step to a successful master. Automix's mixing capabilities ensure your track is ready for the final mastering touch. Our Mix Check Studio feature also provides actionable feedback, helping you perfect your mix before mastering.


Mastering is an art that requires a keen ear and a deep understanding of sound. With the introduction of standalone mastering in Automix, this crucial step in music production is now more accessible and user-friendly. We invite you to experience the difference in your tracks with Automix's mixing and mastering features.

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