Elevating Live Music Mixing: Automix Unveils Its Newest Feature

Nov 20, 2023

At RoEx, innovating beyond the studio

At RoEx, we've built our reputation on innovating in studio recording. Now, we're thrilled to share a significant step forward that directly addresses the unique challenges of live music mixing. Our journey, fueled by an Innovate UK grant, has led us from the controlled studio environment to the vibrant and unpredictable world of live performances. For creators and innovators in the music industry, this marks a momentous shift in capturing the true essence of live performances.

Navigating Live Music's Challenges

The charm of live recordings lies in their authenticity and spontaneous energy. Yet, they often come with their share of problems like inconsistent acoustics, ambient noise, and microphone bleed. Traditionally, addressing these issues meant hours of meticulous manual editing, a process both time-consuming and often frustrating. We've heard from many of you how this can be a major stumbling block in producing live recordings that truly resonate.

Automix's Fresh Approach

Our latest feature is a thoughtful response to these live recording challenges. With our enhanced AI technology, Automix now tackles the complexities of live environments. It carefully cleans up audio while keeping the raw, energetic feel of a live performance intact. This enhancement marks a significant step forward in how live music can be mixed and enjoyed.

The Tech Behind the Scenes

Achieving this breakthrough required extensive research and development, diving deep into advanced machine learning and audio signal processing. Our dedicated team has been fine-tuning our algorithms to ensure they not only enhance audio quality but also preserve the authenticity and energy of a live performance. Your feedback has been instrumental in guiding this development, ensuring we meet the real-world needs of our users.

Reimagining Your Live Tracks

For artists and producers, this means those live recordings you shelved, thinking they were too rough, can now find new life. We invite you to experience how Automix can transform these tracks, bringing out a clarity and balance you might not have thought possible.

Your Invitation

We're inviting you to revisit your live recordings with Automix. In just a few weeks, this new feature will be available. Check out our before-and-after video demonstration, which will highlight the impressive improvements our system offers.

What's Next

As the first AI multitrack studio mixing software now capable of mixing live music, we're not just excited about what we’ve achieved; we're excited about what it means for you. We're committed to ongoing innovation, and your tracks, feedback, and stories are the driving force behind it.

Be Part of This Exciting Development

We eagerly await your feedback as you explore this new feature. Your experiences and insights are crucial to our continued growth and innovation. Together, let's explore the new horizons in live music mixing, brought to you by Automix.