Elevating Independent Music: RoEx Partners with Unchained Music

Feb 28, 2023

We're on the cusp of an exhilarating era for independent musicians and producers! RoEx is thrilled to unveil our forthcoming collaboration with Unchained Music—a revolutionary, free music distribution service dedicated to empowering independent artists to globally disseminate their musical creations.

In the imminent future, the seamless integration of RoEx's pioneering automatic mixing and mastering services into Unchained Music's platform will be realised, unlocking a realm of possibilities for artists to elevate their musical pieces without being encumbered by financial constraints. Our sophisticated AI-driven technology meticulously scrutinises your tracks, administering the precise processing required to enhance their auditory appeal. This liberates you to channel your energies into the heart of music creation, while we adeptly manage the technical intricacies.

Here's a glimpse into the array of advantages emanating from our alliance with Unchained Music:

Sonic Excellence: RoEx's professional-tier mixing and mastering utilities are crafted to amplify the sonic attributes of your tracks, encompassing a broad spectrum from EQ and compression, to stereo imaging, and beyond.

Swift Processing: The automation of processing ensures the return of your polished tracks within mere minutes. The days of languishing in anticipation of a professional mix and master are now bygone.

Cost-Effectiveness: Our bundled services, in conjunction with Unchained Music's complementary distribution platform, culminate in an affordable pricing model, rendering our avant-garde services accessible to artists of every financial stratum.

We're brimming with enthusiasm to extend our mixing and mastering prowess to Unchained Music's platform, aiding artists in not only refining their music but also reaching a broader listener base. Stay connected for more exhilarating updates on our collaboration in the ensuing weeks!

Discover more about this groundbreaking partnership here: https://www.unchainedmusic.io/aimixing

As RoEx continues to spearhead innovations in the musical domain, our alliance with Unchained Music is a testament to our unwavering commitment to redefining the music creation landscape. Our mission to foster a conducive ecosystem for artists to thrive, resonates with the ethos of Unchained Music, making this partnership a harmonious convergence towards propelling independent music to unprecedented heights.