Elevate Your Music Production with Automix's New Processed Stems Download Feature

Mar 11, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to Automix, our flagship AI-powered mixing service that's already revolutionising the way musicians, producers, and content creators approach music production. At RoEx, we're continuously looking for ways to empower artists with tools that not only simplify the creative process but also enhance the quality and impact of their music. Today, we're taking another giant leap forward with the introduction of our latest feature: the ability to download processed stems from your final mix.

What Are Processed Stems?

For the uninitiated, stems are the individual components of a track, such as the vocals, bass, drums, and other instruments, each processed and mixed separately. These processed stems offer a granular level of control over the final composition, allowing for detailed adjustments, creative flexibility, and collaborative possibilities that were previously complex or even impossible.

The Power of Processed Stems

This new feature is more than just a technical enhancement; it's a gateway to uncharted creative territories. Here are just a few ways it can transform your music production process:

  • Creative Flexibility: Dive deeper into your mix, tweaking and fine-tuning each element with precision. Want to remix or rearrange a track? Processed stems provide the perfect starting point.

  • Collaboration Made Easy: Share specific parts of your project with collaborators or band members for input or further development. This streamlined workflow can significantly speed up the production process and enhance the final product.

  • Educational Insights: Analyze how professional mixes are constructed. Understanding the processing on each stem can be a valuable learning tool for improving your mixing skills.

  • Prepared for Sync Licensing: With processed stems, your tracks are primed for the world of sync licensing, offering greater versatility for use in films, TV shows, commercials, and more.

How It Works

Integrating this feature into your workflow is straightforward. After completing a mix in Automix, you'll see an option to download the processed stems alongside your final mix. With just a few clicks, you'll have everything you need to continue working on your project in any DAW, share parts with collaborators, or submit your tracks for sync licensing opportunities.

Start Exploring Today

The processed stems download feature is available now for all Automix users with a Pro Subscription. We invite you to log in, explore this new capability, and discover how it can enhance your creative process. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to refine and expand our services to meet your needs.

We're excited to see how you'll use this feature to push the boundaries of music production. Share your experiences, tips, or questions in the comments below or reach out to us on social media. Happy mixing!

Check out the following video to see it in action.