Announcing our first official artist collaboration

May 27, 2022

London's vibrant music scene has given rise to some of the finest artists, and Emilius K, one-half of the dynamic duo, Fade to Zaire, is no exception. Since 2012, Fade to Zaire has been captivating audiences across the UK with their electrifying electronic music nights, dropping one banger after another.

Recently, Emilius K took a leap into the future by choosing to mix and master the track "Blinking Fruit" from his latest EP, "FTZ003 Emilius K - Silence in the Workhouse," using our state-of-the-art RoEx Automix technology. The result? A track that doesn't just sound fantastic but might just change the future of music production. We're thrilled to say it could be the first ever officially released track mixed and mastered entirely by AI.

But don't just take our word for it. Experience this sonic revolution for yourself:

Preview: Listen to "FTZ003 Emilius K EP - Preview" by Fade to Zaire on #SoundCloud: Link

Or dive into the complete EP on Bandcamp: Silence in the Workhouse EP