Achieve Studio Perfection: Automix’s New Feature Allows you to Create a Master using your Favourite Reference Track

Apr 16, 2024

Automix is excited to announce Reference Match, an enhancement to our professional-grade mastering service. Our new feature allows you to provide a WAV or MP3 of a song you admire (and hold the necessary rights to), and match your creation with the production values of your supplied reference track. Automix will tailor the dynamic range, loudness, stereo image and tone of your audio master, based on the reference file that you provide.

Simplified Process, Professional Results

Building on our existing mastering services, this extension offers a straightforward way to achieve the sound quality of your favourite tracks. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the “Master” button for your track in Automix.

  2. Submit your reference track.

  3. We analyse your track and the reference track, then we match your track to the reference track in terms of dynamics, stereo width and tone.

  4. Receive your mastered track, matched to your reference, in seconds.

Affordable, Fast, and Accessible

This feature builds on our commitment to making high-quality sound accessible to all. No need to spend hours aimlessly tweaking a compressor or limiter—get results fast and at a lower cost, with the same professional standard you’ve come to expect from Automix.

Discover the New Feature

Find this new tool in the “Masters” panel on Automix and take your tracks to the next level. We’re eager to see how it enhances your music production and mastering experience.