A Notable Recognition: David Ronan, RoEx CEO, Awarded Enterprise Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering

Jun 27, 2023

We are excited to share that our CEO, David Ronan, has been honoured with an Enterprise Fellowship from the reputable Royal Academy of Engineering. This recognition is not just an affirmation of David's hard work, but also a reflection of the collective dedication, talent, and innovative spirit at RoEx.

At RoEx, we are on a mission to change the music industry landscape by providing AI-powered mixing services to musicians, producers, and content creators across the globe. This fellowship underscores the potential impact of our initiatives and nudges us further along the path we have charted.

The Enterprise Fellowship Program provides a wealth of support, including mentorship, training, and the chance to network with successful engineering entrepreneurs. David is looking forward to leveraging these resources to further fuel RoEx’s ambition of transforming audio production through AI.

A big thank you to the Royal Academy of Engineering for this invaluable opportunity. With David at the helm and a strong team at RoEx, we are keen to continue pushing boundaries and contributing positively to the global music community.

This recognition renews our vigour and reaffirms the direction we are headed in. It's a morale booster that inspires us to keep striving for excellence in melding technology with music to create something unique and valuable.

In conclusion, this honour is a significant milestone for David and the entire RoEx team. Thank you once again, Royal Academy of Engineering. We are thrilled about the journey ahead and the endless possibilities as we work tirelessly to redefine the narrative of music creation through innovative technology.