A Conversation Worth Tuning Into: David Ronan with Unchained Music

May 3, 2023

Our CEO, David Ronan, had a friendly chat on a Twitter Space hosted by our new partners, Unchained Music, last week. The casual yet insightful discussion dove into what we do here at RoEx, our passion for blending AI with music, and a little about our road ahead.

A notable point of discussion was the unveiling of our collaboration—RoEx now powers the Mixing Studio tool on Unchained Music's distribution platform. This alliance is a simple yet impactful step towards making the music mixing and mastering process more accessible to musicians and producers.

David shared about our mixing and mastering tools, how they work, and how we envision helping creators make music seamlessly. The collaboration with Unchained Music is not just about business; it's about nurturing a community of creators, providing them with the tools they need, and witnessing the remarkable music they produce.

If you missed the live discussion, no worries—the recording is available, thanks to the team at Unchained Music. It's heartening to see how a simple conversation can spark a promising collaboration that aims to make a difference in the music industry.

This chat was just a glimpse into what we at RoEx, along with Unchained Music, aim to offer to the music community. Our shared goal is to simplify the technical process, leaving creators with more time to do what they love—making music.

The RoEx team is buzzing with excitement for what’s next in our collaboration with Unchained Music. Stay tuned for more updates, and do check out the recording of the Twitter Space discussion if you haven't already—it’s a small yet significant part of our growing story.