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Mix your music, podcasts and videos the easy way.

RoEx Automix is an AI audio mixing web platform that provides professional and affordable quality mixes to anyone. RoEx Automix harness the power of AI to simplify the technical aspects of mixing to accelerate audio production while preserving creativity. All you need to provide is your audio, a few simple settings and we do the rest. We give you back a finished track in minutes that is ready for distribution.

Check out our demo video and demos mixes.

Laptop and Heaphones
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Scale your audio & video production needs.

Tonn is an easy to use API that can power music, podcasts and video for a new generation of content led platforms and services. Our lightning fast APIs allow developers to access our powerful AI mixing services and solutions.

Here's a link to our developer portal if you would like to know more. Please contact us for an API key and pricing.

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RoEx Real-time Mix

Adaptively mix audio in realtime.

The underlying technology of the RoEx Automix Web Platform and API can also be used to mix audio in real-time. This has applications in gaming, VR, live audio broadcast and listening to music on the go.

VR Gaming
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