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Music Production

Try RoEx Automix

Make as many mixes as you want. You only pay for what you download.

More audio demos here

If you're a musician, producer or content creator, you need to hear about RoEx Automix.

RoEx Automix is an AI powered mixing service that lets you upload tracks, decide on an appropriate aesthetic, and automatically creates a professional sounding mix ready for distribution. It's the world's first service of its kind.

Built by musicians, engineers, and producers, RoEx Automix is designed to help produce faster and easier mixes so that creatives can focus on their craft and artistry. Our sophisticated AI knows what a good mix sounds like. We made it easy to use and to integrate in the creative process.

RoEx Automix is not just another audio mixing service; it's the combination of our sophisticated AI powered mix engine, experience in creating professional sounding mixes and understanding of the things that make them sound good. The result is something that's easy to use, can produce professional results, and is affordable for everyone who wants to make mixes for distribution.


PAYG: 1 Download Credit = £ 9.99 / $ 11.99 / € 11.99

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