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Announcing our first official artist collaboration

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

We've been working with London artist Emilius K who is one part of Fade to Zaire. Fade to Zaire have been putting on foot stomping electronic music nights and playing all sorts of bangers around the UK since 2012. He mixed and mastered the track "Blinking Fruit" on his latest EP (FTZ003 Emilius K - Silence in the Workhouse) using our RoEx Automix technology. The track turned out ridiculously awesome sounding, so we decided to make a blog post about it. Dare we say it's the first track ever officially released that's been mixed and mastered entirely using AI. Hear it for yourself below.


Listen to FTZ003 Emilius K EP - Preview by Fade to Zaire on #SoundCloud

Bandcamp link:

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