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12 things you should know about RoEx Automix

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

In anticipation of the launch of our online mixing service, we decided to compile a list of frequently asked questions and answers about our technology.

What does RoEx Automix do?

RoEx Automix allows a user to upload audio tracks and stems from a song they are trying to finish. The user then provides us with some basic settings like musical style, what kind of instrument each track is and if they have any panning preferences.

The AI listens to each track the user has submitted and figures out the best volume, equalisation, compression and panning settings for each track, so it can mix them and give the user back the best possible sounding track or stem. The service does all the legwork required for mixing, allowing the user to concentrate on the creative stuff. The result is a track that's available as either WAV, FLAC or MP3 ready to be distributed on music platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Why should I use it?

Mixing is complicated, it can be expensive and it might be something you'd normally pay someone else to do for you.

Most people new to mixing don't know what a good mix sounds like and find the process very tedious. This is because they don't have a goal to work towards and just end up using poor sounding presets or endlessly tweaking settings.

Furthermore, with our service, there's no need to buy expensive loudspeakers, treat your room or buy lots of plugins. Our AI knows what a good mix sounds like, so you can let it do all the hard work for you at a fraction of the normal cost.

Who is the service for?

It's aimed at musicians, bedroom producers and all types of content creators who want to spend more time on the creative stuff and less time on the technical side of the music production process.

How much does it cost?

We provide a tiered subscription model as well as the ability to pay as you go. We also use Stripe to process payments, so you can rest assured that your payment details are secure.

We also provide a demo mode, so you can try out the technology before you decide you want to commit. You only need to pay once you decide you want to download the mix you are happy with.

How do I get the best results from RoEx Automix?

We recommend using RoEx Automix to create stems first i.e. create your drum stem, and guitar stem. Then create a final mix down from the stems. This part of the process isn't automated, since we want to give the user some flexibility in making mix decisions.

What styles of music can I mix?

You can mix many different styles of music such as Rock, Metal, Indie, Pop, Acoustic, Reggae/Dub, Drum N Bass, Techno, Trance, Hip Hop, and Grime to name a few... We are constantly updating the software with new musical styles and are also open to requests, so please get in touch!

Can I hear some results now?

You can either head over to our main website or listen to some examples from our Youtube channel here. Our examples compare un-mixed music with RoEx mixed music.

How does RoEx Automix work?

We use state of the art audio signal processing and machine learning algorithms to intelligently make decisions on how best to mix your audio. The proprietary methods we use have been refined through extensive R&D and user testing.

Do I need to master my track once I've used RoEx Automix?

Our AI mixing technology removes the need to have your tracks mastered. We take care of everything and every track we produce is ready for distribution.

Who owns the rights to the music I mix with your technology?

You retain all the rights to your music. You uploaded your stems and audio tracks, so the mixes created are yours.

Do you have an API or the ability to embed it on other sites?

Yes, feel free to contact us and we can discuss this further. In the meantime, you can find out more here. We provide mastering as well as mixing services and are very open to B2B partnerships and integrations.

Can you do the mixing in real-time for something like live broadcast or video gaming?

We are currently working on this solution, so keep an eye on our social media channels.

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